Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second week in the mission field...

So first off I just want to say Happy Birthday Charles!!! I hope you had a great day!

So this week was really busy for us! You know how I said in my last email that we were supposed to have a baptism this past Saturday for Eduardo??.....well it didn't happen.  He's been having some word of wisdom issues and he was doing really well but then this past week he caved and starting smoking again.  The whole situation was crazy how it happened.  My companion and I had just finished a lesson and we were heading back to our home but felt prompted to go home a different way where we would pass by Eduardo's apartment.  As we were driving past it we saw him in his car and he had just lit up a cigarette.  We ended up talking to him for a good half hour.  He felt so bad and couldn't believe he had done that.  We didn't bring him down at all, we told him it was ok and these things happen and that if anything this is going to make you even more strong.  We then had to tell him he couldn't be baptized this week and that he would have to wait another 2 weeks to get baptized.  He took it a little hard but knew the reason for it.  We were worried he might be embarassed to go to church but he still went and you can tell he's super solid now! His testimony is amazing! His new date to be baptized is August 31st! It will be such a great day for him.  He has had a pretty messed up past but he has changed and grown so much.  We are very proud of him!

We also have another baptism on August 31st! Her name is Carmen and before I came here, my companion and her other companion taught her the first lesson and in that lesson she already wanted to be baptized and committed to a date! So we have been meeting with her a lot to teach her the other lessons to make sure she is ready! She seems so ready, she loves coming to church! She says she gets such a good feeling when she comes to our church! It will be a great day for her too!

Also this week I went on exchanges with Sister Drevins.  She is the sister training leader in our zone.  I had the opportunity to teach all lessons in English with her since she is english speaking, it was great haha! It was good for me cause I was able to participate more in lessons that I do in spanish and with more practice hopefully I will be able to do that when teaching lessons in Spanish!

On Saturday, our spanish ward had a picnic! Lots of tortillas, meat, rice, etc....They know how to throw a feast!! It was really fun and it was good for me to get to know the ward members and try to talk to them in spanish haha.  Some of the younger people in our ward speak english which is nice haha!

So Sunday was another crazy day!! I had to give a talk in our spanish ward and it  well! I practiced it a lot with my companion and she helped me a lot with it which was really nice.  It was maybe about 5-7 minutes long haha.  The ward members were really sweet and said I did a good job.  Also we had to speak in another english ward and I had to talk for like 25 minutes.  I only prepared a 10 minute talk so I was a little nervous but I did it, I spoke for 25 minutes haha.  My mouth was super dry by the end haha.  We then taught a lesson to eduardo and then we had a 3 hour training with a few of the stakes we cover and then we went to a mission prep class and shared some experiences on how missionary life is and then we taught another lesson.  It was such a long day, we crashed when we came home!!

Tomorrow we are going to the Provo Temple as a district which I am really excited about and we have zone conference this Wednesday! Also on Tuesday the Young Women and and Young Men in our ward are doing a service project.  We are cleaning out an apartment 8 plex.  All 8 families in the apartments are hispanic.  It is super trashed so we are going to clean it up.  Eduardo actually lives there so we are hoping that he can be a great example to the people that live around him!

Anyways I am out of time! Thanks again for all of the love and support! Keep sending letters, I really appreciate them! Love you all!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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