Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 18

This week was so crazy but then again every week of the mission is crazy haha. Last P day I got a call from the mission office saying that there were 4 packages for me and they were all from my parents! Thanks Mom and Dad for all the Christmas goodies especially the tree, it is so cute!

Thanksgiving this week was really nice.  We started our morning having a turkey bowl, we played with 2 zones! Our zone leaders made us have football practice the morning before at 6 in the morning so we could win haha.  They showed us sisters how to play football because none of us really know how to haha.  They made us do a bunch of drills, it was actually pretty fun even though we were all dead tired.  So Thanksgiving morning my companion and I woke up at 5 and the zone leaders picked us up to go to Orem to get donuts for breakfast for the 2 zones.  Long story short, there is a less active lady we are teaching and she works at krispy kreme and in the past she has given us free donuts because they throw them out because they can only sell them fresh.  The elders really wanted donuts for this turkey bowl and the lady said that the only time we could get them would be early in the morning.  So we were like ok elders if you want these elders you got to pick us up at 5 and take us to Orem to get the donuts.  They did, it was quite the morning we were all sooooo dead tired haha.  The turkey bowl was really fun, President said that Sisters have to participate so that the elders don't go too crazy.  Our zone ended up winning, the practice paid off.  The first house we went to was the Villalobos house (our ward mission leader's family's house), we love this family so much, they make us feel so at home.  They didn't make the most traditional Thanksgiving food but the food was still very good.  We suggested that we go around the table and share what we are grateful for and we did! After that we went to the Zavala family home for dinner.  She made turkey, empanadas and a bunch of other food.  It was soooo much food.  I kept looking at Hermana Bumstead and was like "I CAN"T EAT ANYMORE".  She was like I know but we have to haha.  I literally sat there after I ate everything and really thought I was going to throw up, I felt so sick.   We got home and felt so sick and tired and we went straight to bed haha.  I never want to have 2 thanksgiving dinners again, it was crazy!!!!

The next day we were so sore and still felt really sick, our stomachs were upset the whole day.  We still kept working though and the end of the night the elders saw us going home on our bikes and we talked to them for a bit and went home and then they came back to give us some sprite so we could settle our stomachs, it was really nice of them!

On Saturday we had a baptism for 8 year old Amber and it went really well, she was so excited! We have another baptism coming up on December 14th which we are really happy about.  We are trying  this week to get to know the ward members more and get them excited about missionary work.  We are going to visit a lot of the ward members this week and hopefully we can find more people to teach this way and have them come out with us to teach.  Also its a good way for them to have missionary opportunities as well.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This time of year is so special.  I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday season.  Thanks again for everything!

Also next Monday we find out about transfers.  I hope I stay, this area is amazing and I hope I stay with Hermana Bumstead, she is super great!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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