Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fifth week in field...

Well first off Mom and Dad thanks for the package of food! I loved everything in it especially the oat squares (you know that's my favorite cereal) :) 

Last P-day was really fun! We went to a parade that they have in Payson.  They do it every year for labor day and it is a pretty big deal.  We went with a less active family, it was way fun!

This week was really good.  We taught a lot of less active lessons.  We are really trying to work with the members in our ward to bring less actives back to church.  We were able to bring 2 less active families back to church this week and they seemed so happy. 

Another exciting thing we did this week was we went to the temple with Eduardo.  We did baptisms and we went with a few other members.  It was such a great experience for him.  We wanted to see if they could do the confirmations and baptisms for Eduardo in Spanish because he doesn't really know English.  Unfortunately they weren't able to but he still understood the point of it.  It was kind of funny because the man that confirmed me thought I didn't speak English either, he kept talking to me really loud and saying phrases really simply and I was like I speak English, I'm still learning Spanish haha.  My companion, Eduardo, and the other members thought it was super funny haha.

This month we are eating with our Spanish ward which is nice so we can get to know the members more.  The only problem is they expect you to eat everything they give you or they will be offended haha.  They just keep piling our plates haha.  So far the food has been pretty good expect one member gave us these sweet potatoes that was mixed with something and it was gross.  She gave it to us for desert and it was a ton.  My companion and I were like o boy we have to eat this so we did.  It was so gross, after we left their house we wanted to get the taste out of our mouth so we went to McDonald's to get a milk shake haha. 

So our ward is basically all family.  They consist of the Martinez and Garcia family.  They all are related to each other and then there is other families in between.  Its hard to keep track of them all because there is so many of them and they all are family haha.

To answer some questions people have asked me mainly my dad haha.  Most of the people that we teach are Mexican but we do have some others that are from Hondures, Peru, El Salvador, Chile etc.  But most people we contact are Mexican. 

So today we are actually moving to a different place.  We will be leaving our Mansion, we are super sad because we love the Wisdoms (people who we live with).  But it will be nice because we will be closer to people we are teaching so we won't go over miles.  Also it is the last week of the transfer which is crazy, I feel like I just got here.  So next Monday we will know if one of us gets transferred or not.  It will probably most likely be me that gets transferred because they will probably have my companion train another sister since many more sisters are coming into the mission.  So yeah I'm not sure what's going to happen with that, we will see.  It will be sad to leave because I have already grown close to a lot people we are teaching and the members but I know if I get transferred that's where the Lord wants me.

I have learned so much being out in the field, it has taught me so much and I can't wait to learn more!

Thanks everyone for all the love and support!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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