Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sixth week in the field...

Well I am sitting here writing this email to you all and we are waiting to get a phone call to find out if we are going to be transferred.  My companion Hermana Lish will most likely stay but I will most likely be leaving, we will see! I will go to my new area on Wednesday if I do get transferred.  What is great about a mission is that wherever area you are assigned to, that is where the Lord wants you to be at that specific time!

We moved into our new place, the elders in our district helped us move in! The people we live are so nice! They spoil us! It is a nice place, lots of space but it doesn't compare to the mansion we used to live in haha.  What is nice is we are more close to people we are teaching so it saves us a lot on miles.  I didn't unpack everything because I don't know if I will be transferred or not!

This week we taught a lot.  We got 4 people on date for baptism!!! There is this 10 year old boy named Alex that we are teaching, he is set to get baptized on Sept 28th!!! His family is a little less active so we are working on getting his family back!! They have been going to church regularly for the past few months which is good! Alex is such a cute kid, he's so smart for a 10 year old.  We teach him in English because he knows it better than Spanish.  We taught him the word of wisdom this week and we asked ok so alex why do you think the word of wisdom is such an important commandment that we should live and he said so we can be skinny.  We bursted out laughing, he's so much fun to teach haha

This week we also have been meeting with Eduardo (the one who recently just got baptized) to read chapters in the Book of Mormon with him.  He lives with his sister and her 3 kids.  Eduardo's nephew, Victor who is 7 decided to come in join us and read with us, we gave him a cartoon version of the Book of Mormon and he loved it! Eduardo then taught him how to pray, it was so sweet! And we met with them again and Victor told me I have been reading the Book of Mormon, it is the best book I have ever read and I have been praying with my Uncle Eduardo and I want to pray many times a day.  I feel so good when I pray.  It was so sweet! So we are kind of teaching his nephew now, we are hoping that Eduardo's sister will want us to start teaching her but we will see!  Eduardo is doing so good, the Bishop gave him a calling to be ward missionary! He's already been going out to teach with us and helped a lot! He's amazing!

Carmen Lopez (she also just was recently baptized), her son wants to be baptized now! He's been going to church with her every Sunday! He's 20 and he is so ready, basically Saturday and Sunday we taught him pretty much everything he needs to know and he's going to be baptized Sept 27th!!! He's so ready!  We're hoping maybe he would want Eduardo to baptize him, we'll see!

On Saturday a ward invited us to help with a youth activity.  They were doing like a mini MTC mission experience for the youth and they asked us to come in to be teachers at the MTC and explain preach my gospel and teach them how to teach the first lesson.  It was really fun and the youth really liked it! They fed us breakfast and lunch which was nice and we watched the 5000 day project with the 2 brothers.  I always heard about it but I had never seen it so I was so excited that I would finally be able to see it! It was so good, it made me cry! It made me think of you Mike and Charles, you both are the best brothers ever!! Also on Saturday our Spanish ward had a big party.  It was Mexico's independence day and other countries independence days.  Our ward has 17 countries represented but most of them are from Mexico! They had so much food there, it was crazy but it was sooooooo good!!! They also had different dances and skits that they did haha.  Latino people seriously know how to party haha!!! They had the primary kids dance to gangham style, it made me think of my Nephew, Luke who always wanted to dance gangham style haha.

We have also been teaching a less active family, The Godinez family.  I love this family so much!!   The dad is from Mexico and speaks Spanish but his wife and 2 kids don't so we teach them in english.  We are getting their daughter who is 9 ready to be baptized! We have seen this family grow so much, they have been reading and praying together everyday as a family and they have been struggling with the Word of Wisdom especially the Mom.  But she has been trying really hard to give up on drinking coffee and she's getting there.  Before she refused to give it up but now she is trying which is a big step! Also we have been working on the Dad to be ready to baptize his daughter, Sammy.  He has been afraid to commit and just feels like he's not ready to be fully back into the church.  We talked to him and we gave him a date October 12th, that's when he would baptize his daughter Sammy! He committed to it so we are super excited for him and his family! Also yesterday the whole family went to church!! They have come such a long way! We are going to meet with them tonight, they are such an amazing and fun family to teach!

Well I am about out of time, still no word on whether I will be transferred or not! Also rumor has it that we are getting Ipads really soon meaning this week! So that means I will be emailing you all using my Ipad which is exciting!! Anyways thanks again for all the love and support, I love you all!!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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