Monday, February 17, 2014

Another great week in Provo!

So this week was amazing! We had so many miracles happen this week and we were able to teach a lot this week!

We have an investigator we are teaching from the Dominican Republic....she is super hard to understand haha.  We have her on date to be baptized on the 22 of February and she is so ready.  She has such a strong desire.  She smokes quite a bit and we thought it would be a problem to try and help her to quit but we had an appointment with her this week and she threw out all of her cigarettes and she said she hadn't smoked for 4 days! We were super excited to hear that, she said she wants to do everything it takes to get baptized the 22nd because she knows that's the day she can be ready for.  She has a daughter who is 15 named Bernice.  She is very interested and has been going to church and loves young women's.  We are working with her to try to get her on date to be baptized as well.  She is so ready, she just doesn't know it yet.

This week we started teaching a 17 year old brother.  His Mom is a member and goes to our ward but he is not.  Our ward mission leader told us about him and said that we should start teaching him.  Our first lesson with him was amazing, before we started teaching him the first lesson he said that he wants to be baptized.  So we taught him the lesson and put him on date for the 1st of March.  He accepted and said he would pray alot and make sure that it is something that he wants to do.  He has been going to church every Sunday for the past 2 months with his mom, has already read some of the Book of Mormon.  He is so ready, we are super excited for him!

We also found a few other new investigators this week that could potentially be really good.  We found them in a trailer park in our area.  We have appointments with them this week so hopefully all goes well with that.

We also were able to teach a lot of less actives this week.  We have been doing a lot of family home evenings with less active families to strengthen the families.  We had a lot of less actives come to church this Sunday which was great!

There is this less active lady we are teaching that I absolutely love.  I think I have talked about her before.  She is a single mom with a 5 year old son, she is from Chile.  This week she really opened up to us about her life and why she has doubts and why she has been less active, we shared the Mormon message of "Waiting on the road to Damascus", she loved it and started crying because she realized that video applied to her a lot.  She has been going to church the past month now with her son and I can tell she is doing so much better.  I love her son.  He is so cute and loves it when we come over, when he sees us he is always like "Hermanas, mis amigas" haha.  He loves to play with us. 

We had a lot of other great lessons this week, I am so grateful that I am still in this area and I hope I stay in this area for awhile.  There is so much work for me to do here to build this area back up. 

Also this week during our district training meeting we talked about talking to people wherever we are.  When we are walking, in the store, anywhere.  We should talk to everyone we see throughout the day.  We did some role plays on how we could start talking to people.  My district leader called on me to be a random person on the bus and the zone leaders were called to be the missionaries that were going to talk to me.  So role plays can either go really well or really bad, sometimes they are just super awkward and everyone just starts laughing haha. But this one went super well.  I put myself as an investigator and the zone leaders started talking to me to get to know me first and then they brought up the gospel and testified to me of the truthfulness of it and asked if would be interested in it and I said yes of course.  I started to have tears in my eyes and the elders did too. It was like this role play was so realistic.  The way they testified to me of the gospel was amazing and I thought to myself how could someone not want this to be apart of their life.  It was a neat experience to do that role play even though it wasn't a real scenario, it felt like one.

So also last week for Pday we hiked "The Y".  O my goodness it was really tough but super fun, making it to the top felt so good.  As we kept going up, I felt like I was enduring to the end.  It made me think that life is super rough sometimes and that it is not easy but if we keep going we will make it to the top.  If we keep reading our scriptures, praying, go to church and other things we will make back to our Heavenly Father.

Well I am out of time.

Thanks for all the love and support.  I love you all

Hermana Veronica Garces

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