Monday, February 17, 2014

Missioning it up!

So this week was pretty good.  Unfortunately we weren't able to teach as much this week but we were still able to have a successful week.

The wonderful Sister that was scheduled to be baptized on the 22 of February is having surgery this month on her arm and it is going to take a bit to recover from it so we pushed back the date for March 22nd.  And we are hoping we can help her daughter to be ready for that date to be baptized as well.  The mother still has such a strong desire, she's amazing! She is trying to quit smoking and it is hard for her but she is really trying and has cut back a lot. 

We have some other people that we are teaching that could be really great, we just have to get them to be more committed so they can progress. 

We found a new investigator this week.  He's 17 year brother and we found him in the trailer park.  We had a lesson with him last night on his doorstep, we couldn't go in because there was no woman in the house.  It was super cold and we were doing this lesson in English, we were teaching him the Restoration and I was kind of nervous about it because it has been awhile since I have taught this lesson in English, I have been so used to teaching it in Spanish (I never thought I would ever say that haha teaching in English is harder than teaching in Spanish, wow!) Anyways the lesson went amazing.  As soon as we started I wasn't nervous anymore and just listened to the spirit.  I could tell he could feel it too.  We invited him to say the last prayer at the end and he was a little hesitant at first because he has never prayed out loud in front of anyone but he did.  It was such an amazing prayer, after he said the prayer he said he felt so good and that it really felt like he was talking to Heavenly Father.  David has a lot of potential, we are super excited to be teaching him.

This week we also had a zone training meeting.  The zone leaders called us and asked if we could do a 15 minute training on being guides as missionaries.  So we decided to do an activity with the zone, we made an obstacle course and one person was blindfolded and one person guided this person throughout this course.  One of our zone leaders, Elder Page volunteered to be guided on the course and then Sister Hadley guided him while the rest of us shouted him and tried to distract him to go other ways.  It was actually pretty hilarious watching him go throughout the course, there were times he was really lost and he had to really listen to Sister Hadley.  After the activity we had a discussion on how this can apply to us as missionaries being guides to our investigators.  It shows that we need to help our investigators and invite them to do things as pray, read scriptures, attend church, and other things.  They really have to be in tuned with the spirit to get the answers they want. 

Another set of missionaries did a training on asking inspired questions.  I still struggle with this problem, a lot of times I ask questions to investigators that aren't maybe the most inspired.  Sometimes during a lesson we don't want there to be an awkward silence so we fill them up with questions.  We have to not be afraid of silence, we have to go to heaven and really discern what they need.  We did a role play on this.  I don't really like doing role plays but they can be really effective.  It was a really good experience, I feel like doing this really helped.  We need to be in tuned with the spirit to get us where we need to go with our investigators.

Anyways, I am about out of time! I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day! This week we have zone conference on Valentine's day which I am excited for!

Thanks again for all the love and support!

Hermana Garces

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