Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 16...

Well this week has definitely been an adventure, so many crazy things happened.  I will explain later in my email!

So last Monday for P-Day my district went bowling on BYU-campus.  It was way fun, it was weird walking on campus because I kept thinking that I was going to see people I know haha.  We also went to the BYU bookstore to buy some pictures of Christ for the Gonzalez family that just recently got baptized.  Shoutout to Hermana Sablan! I saw your sister Casey at the bookstore.  She asked if I knew you, and I was like O my gosh of course I know Hermana Sablan she was in my MTC district! She told me to tell you hi and we are now officially Facebook friends.  Small world that's for sure haha. 

We got 2 more people this week to be on date to be baptized! We are super excited for them! There is this less active lady that we see a few times a week.  She is so awesome, we really love her.  She has been through a lot in her life.  She is from Chile and has lived here for 3 years, she is a single mom with a 5 year old son.  We go over there to share a little thought with her, talk with her, and help her fold boxes.  She works for this oil/nutrient company.  I don't really know how to describe it and she just fold/puts together boxes all day and it takes her hours to do by herself.  So we come and help her.  She hasn't been to church in a very long time, we got her to come this past Sunday with her son.  It was great, you could tell she was really happy to be back.  Her son is so cute, he likes to play a lot.  So when we are over at their house, he always likes me to play cars with him and legos.  I try to speak Spanish with him so I can practice and he always responds to me in English, its funny haha.

So craziness that happened this week, it started snowing/raining this past Friday and Saturday.  When it does start to snow and rain, we can't ride our bikes, we have to walk.  So it was very interesting for us.  On Friday we had to do the temple booth for a 2 hour shift and walking from the temple booth from our house takes a good 45min to an hour to walk over there.  So we walked over there in the cold rain and snow.  Also the temple booth is outside so we were there for 2 hours freezing.  There was this really nice lady that saw we were really cold and she brought us hot chocolate! Our shift for the temple booth was from 11-1 and we can't leave the temple booth until the next set of missionaries come to take the next shift.  It was like 1:45 and no one had come yet so we were like this is crazy, we have been here almost 3 hours and it is sooooo cold!! So we just left and called our zone leaders and they were like you didn't get our text and we were like what text.  They said they texted us and said that we could leave at1 and that the other set of missionaries would be coming late.  Well we never got that text haha.  They felt really bad.  We ended up walking to the mission office to go to the bathroom and when we walked in we looked ridiculous because we were so cold/wet/full of snow haha.  The zone leaders actually ended up being in the mission office and offered to take us home because they felt bad we have to walk and that we were at the temple booth for almost 3 hours in the cold haha.  They ended up treated us for lunch too, it was nice!

So we had other appointments that we had to walk to that were on the other side of our area.  Walking to the other side of the area takes a very long time.  This person that we were going to lives super up hill and we were super close to their house and then we get a call saying they have to cancel.  So we were like ok this is great, we walked all the way here in the rain/snow and they cancel on us.  So we decided to say a prayer to see what we could do on that side of the area.  There was a house that we felt prompted to stop by at so we did.  It was a lady who is a member but she's been going through a hard time. She has 4 little boys. We shared a thought with her and helped clean her house.  She was so grateful to us and really needed us in that moment.  It is amazing how Heavenly Father works in those moments! She also drove us home which was nice because the snow was getting worse haha.

So yeah I am still loving it here! I love my companion Hermana Bumstead! We really work well together and we find the humor in walking/riding a bike.  We complain that we don't have a car and the elders do but we keep going and that's all we can do!!

Thanks again for all the love and support! Family-I can't believe I will get to talk to you soon at Christmas! Dad, I will talk as much Spanish as I can with you!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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