Friday, November 15, 2013

13th Week...

Well I am still waiting to hear about transfers.  We should be getting a call anytime now! So maybe by the end of this email I will know haha! Thanks for all the letters this week.

So this week we went to the temple as a district, it was a great experience as usual.  Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  We got it for free, I guess that's the perks of being in the Utah Provo Mission! That same day I went on exchanges with Hermana Derges (she was in my MTC district).  It was so nice to be with her for the day, it reminded me of all the fun times I had with my MTC district! They will forever be my family!  We were able to teach a lot of good lessons and just have a good time together. 

On Thursday I was on exchanges again and this time I was with Sister Harroff.  She is an english speaking sister and it was a good experience with her.  It was although a bit of a challenge because she doesn't know any Spanish so I had to pretty much teach the lessons by myself which was a little scary haha.  Surprisingly it went ok, a lot of Spanish came out which was good.  We also had members with us during our lessons so they could help me out.  Spanish has still been a struggle but I have faith it will get there eventually! That day we went by for this less active family that we are teaching the Godinez family.  They are amazing, I love them so much! We are teaching the whole family to get them back to church but we are also getting their daughter, Sammy who is 9 ready to be baptized.  She is so ready but we are waiting on her Dad, Miguel to be ready.  He wants to baptize her but he wants to do it right this time.  He doesn't just want to baptize her just to baptize her and then not go to church.  He wants to be serious about this and be fully committed.  This whole family is super close and they are so much fun! They are the one's that surprised me with cake and icecream for my birthday.  Before leaving their house Sammy said to me Sister Garces I want to get baptized before one of you gets transferred, Sister Garces I want you to play the violin for my baptism.  My heart just melted when she said that.  I told her that if I would get transferred that I could get permission to come back for her baptism so I could play.  And plus I definitely want to be there for that special day!

Tomorrow we get to have interviews with President McCune.  Each interview is about 15 minutes.  I am actually really excited to talk to him about how everything is going.  He is so amazing and I can tell he really loves and cares about each and everyone of us in the mission.  Also tomorrow our ward is having a Trunk or Treat and we are going to help our at it which will be fun!

Thursday is Halloween! So we can't proselyte from 5-9, so we are basically going to be locked up haha not really.  We get to a church building and hang out with our district.  We get to watch a movie and play games and just have a lot of fun! It should be fun!

Well I still haven't gotten the call yet about transfers so I guess you all will find out next week what happens!

Thanks again for all the love and support!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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