Friday, November 15, 2013

15th week...

Well first off thanks for all the letters I got this week, I really appreciate them, keep them coming! Also thanks Dad for sending the Christmas CD's, we have listened to all of them already!

This week has been crazy but its been so good! We have had a lot of adventures walking and biking haha.  We have biked to the other side of our area for an appointment and they weren't there, we got a flat tire on one of our bikes, our skirts have gotten caught in the bike, there are some crazy hills in our area that are hard to bike etc.  Even though those things have happened we couldn't help but just laugh about them haha. 

Last Monday our district had dinner together at our house.  My companion, Hermana Bumstead cooked for us (she's a really good cook).  It was fun to bond with our district.  Today we are going bowling together on BYU-campus which should be way fun!

Its super nice serving in Provo because we are really close to the mission office so we go there a lot and I can pick up mail/packages I have gotten.  And we complain that we don't have a car haha
.  The mission hasn't given us a car but one thing that they did give us was a blender haha.  We were actually super excited about that, we make smoothies every morning now! If we can't have a car we can have a blender haha.  We harp on the Elders in our district so much that they have a car and we don't haha. Its ok though we make it work!

On Saturday we had the baptism for the Gonzalez family.  It was such a great day for them.  I love this family so much! It was Jaimie, Alicia, and their daughter Jasmine that got baptized.  Jasmine turned 8 this past Friday so we surprised her with a birthday party. Our Ward mission leader's mom made her a cake and Hermana Bumstead and I went a little crazy and bought her a bunch of stuff, we got her markers, coloring books, jump rope, puzzle, headbands, hair clips, bubbles, candy etc.  We also got her a big thing of balloons.  We wanted to make it really special for her because this family doesn't really have much money so we made a really big deal about it for her.  She was so excited when we came to surprise her, she is such a cute little girl!

Their baptism was amazing! The day before we asked Jaimie and Alicia why they wanted to be baptized and they said because they feel like they have truly repented and they want to be right with God, that is seriously like the best answer you could say! A lot of people were there for the baptism, the ward has been really great about supporting them.  Our ward mission leader, Saul baptized Alicia and his brother in law who is one our fellowshippers for this family baptized Jasmine and Jaimie.  The spirit was felt super strong.  After the baptism we had like an after party to celebrate their baptism at the Bishop's house.  They made so much food, it was delicious!

On Sunday all 3 of them were confirmed and they invited us to come over for tamales.  They invited our ward mission leader and his whole family to come too!  I guess in Mexico when you have tamales it is a really big deal.  They only have them on special occasions to celebrate.  They were sooooooo good! After we blessed the food Jaimie got really emotionally and said you know we have lived here for about 2 months and we came here with nothing, we had no friends, no jobs, etc.  Now we have a job, we have amazing friends like all of you, and more importantly we have the gospel in our lives now.  I couldn't help but start crying too! It is seriously amazing what the gospel can do for us.

Our ward mission leader Saul is so awesome! He has only been home from his mission for 2 months.  His whole family is wonderful.  They treat us so well.  His parents feel like my parents away from home, they will do anything for us.  Its really nice!

I love serving here in Provo a lot! There is a lot of Spanish people here! There's a lot of work to be done here.  I am so grateful to be serving with Hermana Bumstead! We have been together almost 2 weeks and she already feels like my best friend. 

Thanks again for all of the love and support.  I love you all!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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