Friday, May 16, 2014

General Conference!

So guess what?? I am actually in Provo right now, which is so awesome! This morning we hiked the Y with my last companion Hermana Smith and her companion Hermana Barney.  It was so fun! Hiking the Y this morning made me realize a lot of things.  I have had so many wonderful experiences since being on the mission but there have also been some pretty tough times.  There were moments I didn't think I could overcome the trial I was going through.  But just like hiking the Y , we think we can't make it to the top but we really can, we have to believe in ourselves and trust that we will make it.  I have overcome every trial I have experienced on my mission so far and I am so grateful for that.  It made me think of the talk that President Uchtdorf gave on Sunday.  We really need to be grateful during our trials.  Looking back, I am so grateful for everything I have gone through even if it was really tough at the time.  I learned and grew from it and going through these experiences have made me a better person.

So this week, we actually didn't teach as much.  It was kind of a slow week, we are really trying to find more people to teach and to get people to progress.  That has been our goal.  We had a lesson with Gonzalo this past week and he actually taught us the lesson.  We have him a copy of Preach my Gospel and he taught us about Faith in Jesus Christ, he did so good.  You can tell he has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

So conference this weekend was amazing! I got to go to the first session and what a wonderful experience that was.  Walking into the conference center and hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice was amazing! I got chills right away and got a little emotional.  We got to sit pretty up front.  Before President Thomas S. Monson walked in everyone was talking and the minute he walked in everyone stood up and was silent.  The Spirit in that conference center was so strong.  When you see the prophet, you can't deny that he has been called of God. 

I had so many favorite talks this conference.  One that I would like to mention is Elder Holland.  I was so happy that he talked the session that I was at.  I loved how he said that we need to defend our beliefs and be strong.

Sorry I am out of time

Hermana Garces

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