Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Amazing Week/Happy Father's Day!

This week was amazing! We had so many miracles happen.  We were able to exceed our goals.  When you work really hard and with more diligence, we can see the fruits of our labors.

First off, Dad, I hope you had a Happy Father's Day! Also to my brother's Mike and Charles, I hope you enjoyed your day.  You all are great Fathers.  Thanks for being such great examples. 

On Tuesday, Sister Traini and I went to the temple.  We can only go every quarter now so we were really excited to go.  Everything just comes into place when I go to the temple, I love it so much. 

We had some pretty great lessons with the brother we have been working with.  The desire that he has is so amazing, he wants to get baptized so bad.  His wife is not really interested and never sits in on the lessons but a miracle happened.  For the first time she sat in on a lesson and we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation.  We are hoping with time, she will want to have that desire as well.

We had a lesson with the good brother F.  He is doing so well, he has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon every single day.  He says he knows he needs to be baptized but he just feels like he hasn't received that answer.  He said he has faith that he will receive it soon and that it is something he wants to do.  We told him to keep reading and praying and his answer will come.  He goes to church every sunday and knows so much, he just needs to get in the water already and get baptized.  His kids are members, we told him.  Your kids are going to need you, you can live with your son and daughter forever.  He had tears coming down his face.  We are so excited for him when he finally does get baptized.  So many people will be there for him.

We have another investigator.  He is 12 years old.  He just came from Guatemala.  His Mom is a recent convert, she was baptized in December.  She wants her son to be baptized, so we have been teaching him the lessons with the family.  We want to make sure he makes the decision himself and that he doesn't just do it because his mom wants him to do it.  He seems to understand things really well.  He has been praying and reading everyday since we have taught him.  We asked him straight up, so Anderson when do you want to be baptized and he said can I do it today, I feel so right about it, I feel so happy when I pray and read.  We could tell he really genuinely meant what he said.  We put him on date for the 28th of June.  He seems really excited and his mom and the family are really happy.  The mom has a nephew that is living with them and he was baptized a really long time ago but he has been less active for years.  He has been sitting in on the lessons with us and he wants to come back, he went to church yesterday with the family for the first time in years.  It's so neat to see things like this. We are really excited for his baptism.

I am so grateful for all the miracles we had this week.  I am so grateful that I am representing Jesus Christ.  I am really learned to become a true disciple of him.

The gospel can changes people's lives.  I know this because it has changed me and has been the best thing for my family.

I love you all! 10 more day and I hit my year mark, crazzyyy!!!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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