Sunday, August 3, 2014

Transfers and Baptism

This week was pretty stressful but it still was amazing!.  I was a little nervous about this past week because I was taking over the area and getting a new companion and we had 2 baptisms on Saturday and it was just a crazy week. 

Transfers can be a little crazy.  We wonder who our new companion is going to be or what area we will be in.  We wonder what Heavenly Father has in store for us.  President McCune said "ok Pleasant Grove Spanish area, Sister Garces you will be serving with.....he paused for a couple of seconds and said Sister Montanares! Sister Montanares and I both screamed a little bit and ran and gave each other a big hug.  I know Sister Montanares really well, we were in the same zone when I served in Provo.  She was companions with one of my former companion's, Sister Smith when she was sister training leader.  I have gone on exchanges with her a few times and we saw each other a lot when we served in Provo.  Every time we would see each other we would say "I could totally see us being companions one day, it is going to happen" and guess what we are companions now! We are so excited to be serving with each other, we already know so much about each other.  The end of our first day together we could tell that this was going to be a good transfer and that we would get a long very well!

I am the designated driver which has been interesting haha.  Its been good though, I actually know my way around Pleasant Grove more than I thought.  Also they changed our zone boundaries a little bit.  American Fork is now in my zone, so my old area is in my zone now which is pretty cool!

We had a lot of miracles happen this week, the first week of the transfer is always crazy.  I didn't think we were going to be able to teach as much but we did! We met all of our goals and taught 23 lessons and had 2 baptisms!  There was a little bit stress before the baptisms, we didn't think the font was going to be filled in time and then we thought it was going to over flow and all this other crazy stuff that happened.  The baptisms happened though, it was so great! After over 10 years investigating the church, brother F finally got baptized.  When he went in the water, I started to tear up because I knew that this has been a long journey for him and he finally did it. Anderson got baptized too, when he came out of the water, he smiled and looked so happy.  All the stress and craziness that was happening before the baptism didn't matter anymore, what mattered was that they were getting baptized.  A ton of missionaries were there, about 7 companionship's of sisters were there.  Brother F has been through a lot of set of missionaries.  My old companions Sister Smith and Sister Traini were there.  Sister Traini and I went through this whole process with Fabian and Anderson together and I will be pretty straight up, Sister Traini doesn't like to hug but she gave me a big hug.....and said "we did it, they did it, they are baptized, I love you Hermana".  We both had tears in our eyes.  I was kind of emotional through out the whole day because 2 other investigators that I taught in Provo and American Fork were getting baptized at the same time.  I was so sad I couldn't go to them but I was so happy for them that they were finally taking that step. 

We also got some referrals this week for new investigators and that is exactly what we need.  We just baptized 2 people and now we need to find more people.  We are so excited for what this transfer has in store.

We have another baptism coming up the 26th of this month for a 9 year old girl.  We got special permission to teach her and her family because there are English speaking and felt more comfortable having sisters.  The family has been less active for awhile and want their daughter to be baptized.  The whole family has progressed so much since we have taught them.  Their daughter, Faith is so cute.  We are really excited for her to be baptized. 

Family- So I heard that Germany won the world cup! That is awesome! Mom, I bet you were so happy! Charles and family, that's so great that you will be here for the all have fun together!

I love you all, thanks for everything.

Hermana Veronica Garces

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