Tuesday, October 22, 2013

11th week...

So first off thanks Mom and Dad for the birthday package! Don't worry I haven't opened it yet, I am waiting till tomorrow! Also thanks to everyone else that wrote me letters this week, I really appreciate it!

This week was crazy! We are always busy but we were really busy this week.  I went on exchanges  Tuesday with Hermana Baker.  We have two sets of Spanish sisters in our Spanish ward and she is part of the other set.  She is awesome! We clicked right away, we taught a lot together! We got really close after just being together for one day, we are hoping that in the future we will be companions!

Wednesday I went on exchanges again but this time I was in my area and I had to drive and basically take charge of everything.  I was super nervous but I was able to do it! The sister that I was with was so nice, she's only been out 3 weeks so we learned together haha.  I had to take charge of Jose's baptism interview, I had to go over the questions with him, fill out the form with him.  Some elders in my district came to help me with that and they came to do his interview.  He did really well and seemed so ready for his baptism.  He was able to go to conference with some of the young adults in our Spanish ward and he loved it.  I asked him if he had any more questions about anything and he was like yes I have one, How soon can I go to the temple? He's super solid, he can go pretty much right away to do baptisms for the dead.  We taught other lessons that day and they were in English which was good cause the companion I had was English speaking haha.

So on Saturday was Jose's baptism.  It was kind of crazy because we didn't know how many people were going to be there because it was last minute.  We really wanted to get a musical number together and we asked a lot of people in the ward but they couldn't do it.  So then Friday night we were able to figure something out.  We found a flute and flute music from a member in our neighborhood and we asked Hermana Derges if she could play and she said yes! Hermana Derges was in my MTC district so it was super sweet that she was able to play.  She played Joseph's Smith's First prayer, it was so good, the spirit was felt super strongly! The whole baptism turned out really well.  A good amount of people showed up and Eduardo (he got baptized a little over a month ago) gave a talk on baptism.  He did so good, he is such an example to everyone.  Jose's mom was there (Carmen), she got baptized when Eduardo did. She seemed so happy for Jose.  His sister was also there, Jesenia. She is 16 and we think that she will be the next to be baptized, we hope!

Well I don't have much time! Thanks again for everything! I can't believe my Birthday is tomorrow. I haven't really thought about it much haha. 

Hermana Veronica Garces

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