Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seventh week of mission...Staying in Payson.

Well it is official, I am staying in Payson! I honestly thought I was going to leave but deep down in my heart I felt like I was supposed to stay! I am happy that I am staying because we have a lot of potential people that could be really good. 

This week wasn't as busy as some of our other weeks.  We have a baptism this Saturday for Alex.  He's 10 and he's so much fun to teach, he's such a smart kid.  We met him a lot this week to make sure he knew everything for his baptism interview.  Our district leader, Elder Harpole interviewed him for his baptism interview, he passed! And when Alex came out of his interview, he got a little emotional, it was so sweet! He realized what an important step he is making by being baptized. We went over the program for him and he picked the Star Spangled Banner and Nephi's Courage for the songs for his baptism haha.

Also this past Sunday Eduardo brought his nephew, Victor to church! It was way cute and Victor seemed to like church very much! Hopefully that will soften his Mom's heart so we can start teaching her!

We also have been teaching a lot of less active families and trying to make it a family effort for all of them to go back to church!

Tomorrow we are having a training meeting for all Spanish missionaries in the mission which means I will get to see Hermana Read, Hermana Derges, Hermana Sablan, and Elder Hodges (my MTC district)!! I am so excited to see all of them!! They will forever be my family!!

Sorry this email is a little short but I don't have much time today!! Thanks again for all of the love and support!! I love you all!

Hermana Veronica Garces

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